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Author  : Hasan Ahmad 

Delete the cat by pressing the trash on the spirit. Then, press the cat button  and press pant tool .


-This will come up and that were we are doing are all coding.

-  Then, make a bird for a character and ,also, get  a “forever block”  and get a “flag click”.

if then.png
and block.png

I'm a paragraph. Click here

Get a “forever block”  and get a “flag click” too. Then, get a “if block” you can find that in (Control list).




-Also, you can find a “and block”  in (Operators list).

-Insert a “mouse down block” and “touching  block” you can you can find that in (Sensing list) and stick them and put them in togther.

o add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

play sound block.png
hide block and show block.png

Then go to (Sound tap) and you can use a “play sound block” .






  Also, get  “glide to x and y” from (Code tap). Put the piston coordination and the speed per seconds.  After that, get a “hide block .

go to x and y pistion pistion.png
aker 08.png

I' Also get a stop all .A stop all stop the and game and it  doesn't let it continue

saker 9.png
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