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Author  : Hasan Ahmad 

This project is about red target. Red target is use in game like  mine and sniper but I'm   just making follow Mouse pointer around forever the blocks we need are set size , when flag click , forever loop and got to mouse pointer it is just 7 step that all we need but if you more  information check it out

Look at te scrtc r

Delete the cat by pressing the trash on the spirit. Then, press the cat button  and press pant tool .   





This will come up and that were we are doing are all coding.


1-  Then, make a bird for a character and ,also, get  a “forever block”  and get a “flag click”.


-  Get a “forever block”  and get a “flag click” too. Then, get a “if block” you can find that in (Control list).




-Also, you can find a “and block”  in (Operators list).


-Insert a “mouse down block” and “touching  block” you can you can find that in (Sensing list) and stick them and put them in togther.





-  Then go to (Sound tap) and you can use a “play sound block” .






  Also, get  “glide to x and y” from (Code tap). Put the piston coordination and the speed per seconds.

play sound block.png

- After that, get a “hide block” and you can find that in (looks list).  also get a glid block you can find that in motion  and also get a stop all block




and click the word and click stop other scrip in this spirit and don't forget to  put the stop other script block in front

hide block and show block.png
go to x and y pistion pistion.png

Also get a stop all .A stop all stop the and game and it  doesn't let it continue

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