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Author : Hasan Ahmad 

how to make a start button in scratch there are  just 5 steps to make a  Start button in scratch you might think it is hard but it is very easy

Start by make a new sprite and make it as big as  this . Then put a big on the top title

photo 3.png

•After that make new sprite and type star on it


Then get a when flag click and go to front layer block you can found that look . And last of all show block


After that get a forever loop , if block  mouse down  and hide block . Then  get a




broadcast blok you can found that events.


•Then go to spirit 1 and get a when flag click and go to front layer block. And last of all show




block . After you do that get a when I received bock you that in events . Then just get a hide bolck


•Get a “forever block”  and get a “flag click and cage verble also get set block  and change






block put set block  on top   and change block at the bottom but before you put change  bock put a wite1 second block on top

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