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counters (Arrows).

Author : Hasan Ahmad 

We are going to make arrow counters. it is pretty easy and only has five steps. The counter of arrows is counting the arrows in the bag from three to one. 


Make a new sprite for an arrow bag. To start, press the cat with the plus button (Click the one down left corner).  We will draw three bags with the first slide has one arrow, second has two arrows and the third has three arrows.


Figure (1) don’t press the one next to the background.

Create block codes : (if then), (equal) and (my variable). Then, stick them properly together.

Put this block (if-then, equal and my variable) inside the forever loop. then,  attached them to the when flag clicked. 


we want to ask the program if my variable equal to one (my variable =1), then switch the costume. We choose the costume in the first slide.



Figure (2) ...

Repeat the previous step again. We will do one block (if-then, equal and my variable) for the costume in the second slide and my variable will equal to two. 


The other one will be for the costume in the third slide and my variable will equal to three. 


Create a new code frist get a (when flag click) ( forever loop ) ( if then block ) ( mouse down ) . 


get a (change variable) block and type on it 1. To get a set block type that 0 . last but not least get a switch custom. 

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