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Upload games to your website.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

To embed a scratch project into a website, we are going to allow public to view the game.

To allow user to view the users project, we add the user project to the studio and then shearing must be enabled. the shearing project means it is available to all users and the delete option means eliminating personal information or other elements (spare sprites/blocks/sounds). clicking the Draft check box If a project is not yet complete, the project informs the online community that the project is a work in progress.

To share a project from the Scratch Online Editor:

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Click the My Stuff button near the top-right corner.

  1. Look at the update project list to tell which project status shared or unshared.

If the project has been shared, the Unshare option is present. If a project has not been shared, the Delete option is present.

  1. Click on the title name of the project.

  1. Click the Share button.

Then, we can fill out the Instructions : box and the credits box and then add one or more tags.

To switch from "see project" into the "scratch workshop", just click the button (see inside).

if the project is a new file to lunch, add it into the studio and start from 4-6 .

if the project is already shared, that means the project is available to all users on scratch and also through embedding into another website.

If the shared button is not appeared or not coming out that mean you should confirm your email and update profile.

Click on a ( copy link) and the option choose the embed code to into another website.

Go to the post page and choose the HTML CODE and paste the link or HTML code IN THE right box.Click on add button choose HTML CODE.



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