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Author : Hasan Ahmad 

This tutorial will be making a retry BUTTON. You will need a game for this so if you don't have a game you can see the other tutorial " HOW TO MAKE TARGET '' or you can make your own one .There are just 4 steps to make a retry BUTTON  it will be easy.

 Firstly, make a new sprite and draw a retry button in the centre of the image and you don't have to go with my design. you can make your own design if you want too.


Second, then go to code as you can see on the up left corner. Get from the list a ( when flag click ). After that, stick (hide) block blowe.


Make another block code with the first block is a ( when this sprite is click ) block underneath that block get a (hide) bock, as well.


Third, go back to sprite4, the retry sprite. Then, get from the list (when I receive) block and put this under that block of (hide).


Finally, go to your main sprite, sprite2 showing the part of losing code as in thefigre.3.Get and stick a ( broadcast ) block. Put it blowe hide

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