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stop all 

Author : Hasan Ahmad 

 I'm going to show how to stop all in scratch. If you're wondering what stop all do exactly I will tell you it stop other  sprites code also there just 10 step

1.  Then you can make character , but I am just going to make a red target. This custome is under name of “Sprite 1”.


2.  And if you wont you can change the background to your design.


3. You can change the size by going to look and take “set size

block” .

Then, type what size, it will be the normal size is 100.


4. Then, get a when “flag click” and stick it with “set size block”.





-  . Also, get a “forever block”, you can find that in (Control list) from (Code menu).


5. 'm a paragraph. Click here to add your

Go to (Motion list) and get a “go to block”.



-Press the dropdown menu, then click mouse pointer


- 6.  Then, make a bird for a character and ,also, get  a “forever block”  and get a “flag click”.


- 7.   Then, get “glid” to random position. If you want to you make it easy, you can change the speed. i did the speed 4 as in the figure..


-8  Get a “forever block”  and get a “flag click” too. Then, get a “if block” you can find that in (Control list).




-Also, you can find a “and block”  in (Operators list).


-Insert a “mouse down block” and “touching  block” you can you can find that in (Sensing list)and stick them and put them in togther.

if then.png
and block.png
play sound block.png

9. Then go to (Sound tap) and you can use a “play sound block” .






 Also, get  “glide to x and y” from (Code tap). Put the piston coordination and the speed per seconds.

aker 08.png
go to x and y pistion pistion.png

10. Also get a stop all .A stop all stop the and game and it  doesn't let it continue

saker 9.png
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