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X and Y coordination

Author : Hasan Ahmad 

This project is about red target again but this time you have to click right or left and it goes right or left up and down but when I mean Go left and right I mean it goes to the right of the screen , left of the screen or up to the screen and down to the screen

1.  Delete your cat and make  a background.

  2.   You will find this  background and click it

Then make a red Target as your Sprite

4.  Get a" key pressed" block  and  "go to (x,y) " block and then duplicate to stick the code on. 





After click then dropdown from " key pressed" and cage the list from space to (left or right ). link the left and right key to the proper x and y position . We set to x = -207 and y=-7 for left ad x= -193 y= -3.

5.Also, we are going to repeated step number (4) .so we will get another two of "when key pressed" block and we get  two  block of "go to (x,y) " block this time put it up and down coordination .

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