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X and Y coordination

Author  : Hasan Ahmad 

This project is about red target again  but this time you have to click right or left and it goes right or left  up and down  but when I mean  Go left and right I mean it goes to the right of the screen , left of the screen  or up to the screen and down to the screen

1.  Delete your cat and make   a background.

 2.   You will find this   background and click it

Then make a red Target  as your Sprite

4.  Get a" key pressed" block  and  "go to (x,y)  block and then  duplicate  to stick the code on.  





After click then dropdown  from "key pressed" and cage the list from space to (left or right ). link  the left and right key to the proper x and y position . We set to x = -207 and y=-7 for left ad x= -193 y=  -3.

5.Also, we are going to repeated step number (4) .so we will get another two  of "when key pressed" block and we get   two  block of "go to (x,y)  " block this time put it up and down  coordination .

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